League Attendance Policies

League RuleBook

     Participants must be present at and participate in or have an excused absence for at least 50% of the actual practice sessions. Failure to do so will result in the participant being dropped from the Rizzo Rink program. If the participants do not adhere to the 50% standard at a mid-season check, they may be dropped from the program at that time.
10U and 12U leagues:
     Once players have been assigned to a team the following will apply to unexcused absences:
(Applies to attendance at Games and Practices)
(a) First two: No Penalty.
(b) Third: Will not play for one period in the next game attended.
(c) Fourth: Will not play for two periods in the next game attended.
(d) Fifth: Will not play for an entire game and must be present on the bench for the game they sit.
(e) Sixth: Will be dropped from the roster immediately and will not be automatically retained for the following season.

* Important Information
  • Coaches are responsible for attendance and must turn in attendance sheets for practice and game day rosters!
  • Players must have attended at least 2 more than half the regular season games and 90% of practices to be eligible for the playoffs.